Technology at your service

We created GETEX according to your needs and to the evolution of the transport industry. We designed it so you can have a pleasant experience using it, to be intuitive and productive. We guarantee that those who will use it will adapt very quickly to the system, will become more organized, more focused on profit-making activities, and less on unimportant ones such as scanning, faxing, and so on. Operational chaos will be history, and the departments will finally be interconnected.

Saas – Software as Service

SaaS represents a way to deliver a software that involves hosting in a data-center to which you have access following a prior registration of an account. The data stored on the server can be accessed from anydevice (PC, tablet, smartphone) by simply logging securely into your account. Payment is made for every user connected to the system, an user meaning a person with access rights to the system. There are many advantages to this type of system, the most important being the reduction of server acquisition costs and the maintenance of servers.

We are using the most performant IT technologies

Getex can be used on any device, regardless of the operating system. To be efficient, Getex has been designed using the latest and most advanced technologies of the moment - .NET, HTML5, javascript. For the database we are using MSSQL Server Database. The ‘Business Intelligence’ reporting solution (optional) is using ‘Tableau Software’ platform (most recommended BI Solution in the Gartner report) and will help you make faster and better decisions, to perform predictive analysis and to control the evolution of the whole/entire business.

The security and protection of your data is guaranteed and only you can access it

The servers on which Getex is running are hosted in secure data centers that respect the ISO140001 standard. The access to the physical servers is allowed only by card-access and only the authorized personnel can enter in contact with them. Being in data centers, the servers have access to redundant internet (you always have Internet), and the power supply is supplemented by additional sources that begin operating in case of electricity failure. Communication between your PC and the Getex servers is encrypted through SSL protocol.

A backup of your data is done every day, and if you want to, we can deliver the daily backup to you too, on a device or a sftp account that you communicate in advance.

Access rights for users

The system allows you to configure access and individual user rights for everyone who accesses your instance. The process of granting user rights can be simplified by using roles. You can define roles for dispatchers, billing operators, archivist, etc. The roles can be exclusive or cumulative, depending on how you want to assign them per user.

The access to Getex can be restricted or allowed/granted per user from certain networks (IP classes). For example, you can set Getex in a manner that dispatchers would be able to connect to the application from the office computers only.

Platform scalability and geographic distribution

Getex can be used both by a company with one user or hundreds of users, distributed in dozens of different work places, spread in different locations worldwide. The system is scalable and can keep up with the size of your organizations, regardless of its size.

Integration with external applications

Getex can be integrated with other applications used by your company. The most common integration is the one with the company’s accounting system (ERP). You can set export flows for clients and suppliers’ invoices, or import flows for receipts and payments.

Our system can also be integrated with e-banking applications so you can record your payments in Getex, and then process it in the e-banking application. By now, we have integrations with ING and Transilvania Bank, but it can be expanded with other banks, too.

Integration with external GPS tracking solutions

Getex has its own GPS tracking module for car fleet. However, if you already have a GPS tracking system from another company, you can easily integrate it with Getex. Our system provides interfaces to retrieve the information from these third party systems. Obviously, we need the support from that company to achieve a successful integration.

Getex implementation on my server and/or acquisition of licenses

Getex is licensed as SaaS (Software as a Service). We prefer this type of license, because it represents the future and it’s also the most affordable option for you, our client. However, if you want a traditional type of license/ licensing solution (acquisition of license and/or installation on your server), do not hesitate to contact us, as we can also work like this.
Our system is continuously developed by our team to constantly adapt to your needs.
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