Getex 3.31 brings improvements to the email sub-system, the CRM and route tracking modules

25 October 2019 | We have released version 3.31 of the Getex application
The New Email Sub-system
Version 3.31's main novelty is the new rewritten email sending sub-system. In the new version, the email accounts through which notifications and documents are sent can be configured for each "mother-company" individually and they will be generically called "email providers". Each users can have one or more email providers associated with their account.
Users will be able to individually configure each person's access to one or several company accounts, and notifications will be sent both from the user's email account, as well as from team or department accounts. Also, automated notifications can be configured individually, so that they can use specific email providers. CC and BCC accounts can be automated for each email provider, and different email accounts can be used to send financial and operational automated notifications.
The Getex software solution has been updated to version 3.31, bringing multiple improvements for users. Among these are a completely revamped email sub-system, new categories for the CRM module and graphic improvements to the to the vehicle traffic tracking area.
The CRM Module
The new addition to the CRM module is the ability to enter unconfirmed partners into the database - partners which have not yet been contracted and who are still in the negotiations phase. These partners will only be visible in the CRM module until they are confirmed by System Admins or the Sales Department.
More so, negotiations and sales-specific actions can now be added to the CRM module for all partners - potential and confirmed (leads, oportunities, phone numbers etc.). Only confirmed partners will be visible in the operational and financial modules.
Route Tracking
Tracking routes just became a lot easier in the Faz Car and Track Car screens. Users are able to see information such as speed and headings, and the Faz Car screen can now selectively display one or more routes traveled on a specific day.
Getex 3.31 also brings additional functionalities in the billing, contract and transport requests modules, as well as improvements to the Business Intelligence functions. The app is now also available in English.
Our system is continuously developed by our team to constantly adapt to your needs.
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